Languages and Technologies

Proficient: Java, Spring boot, Python, Flask, SQL, Shell Scripting, Git, RabbitMQ, JUnit, Mockito, Docker, Protobuf, Avro Schemas, Gradle, Kubernetes

Exposure: Terraform, Chief cookbooks


Professional experience highlights

2022 - 2023

Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

• Contributed to the development and successful delivery of next-gen plug-and-play pricing monolith micro-service.
• Planned and led successful migration from newrelic to Datadog instrumentation project.
2019 - 2020
Code objects

Senior Software Engineer

• Achieved over $10M yearly for a customer in licensing deveined using Java, Spring, Hibernate, SQL, Apache POI by designing batch jobs to import claims litigation data from external systems.
• Decreased 20% communication overheads by evaluating and rebuilding products for controlled access to customers' vendors based on positions using Java, Spring, and Hibernate.
2016 - 2019

Senior Software Engineer

• Drove automation and integration of metrics benchmarking third-party stress testing tools while creating custom data generators and auto-generating performance reports as well as improving release schedules by 24 hours.
• Enhanced accuracy of database performance predictions by 70% by resolving flat logarithmic regression models found in data analytics Microservice leveraging non-linear functions in R.
• Boosted engineering productivity and minimized deployment times by over 70% (from 15 mins to 4 secs) by developing and managing the initiative of resolving bash development deployment scripts.
2012 - 2015

Software Engineer

• Drove product performance improvements by fixing metrics subsystem memory leaks utilizing Java.
• Eradicated false alerts by 30% to 40% by examining and addressing backend metrics collection issues for databases and clusters utilizing Java, SQL, and Perl.


Master of Science in Information Technology, eBusiness

Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Prince Sultan University


  • Running Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service